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May 2, 2021

"Ex-vangelicalism" is Why Christian Union is So Valuable on Influential Campuses

AB PiperAbraham Piper, the son of best-selling author and theologian John Piper, has recently risen to TikTok fame by posting content about walking away from the Christian faith. Piper creates minute-long videos critiquing everything from the idea of a literal hell to why certain Bible stories are ridiculous to why life has no ultimate meaning. Calling himself an ex-vangelical, Piper has found a fast audience of like-minded former believers who have been hurt by the church, cannot agree with conservative theology surrounding sexual ethics, or simply never got on board with their parents’ faith. 

But the overwhelming support and significant conversation that Piper’s account is garnering points to a very real movement of young people today: they are finding the church unpalatable and walking away for good. Though their reasons for leaving the faith may differ, the rise of the ex-vangelical reveals a change in the times in which the church no longer holds a moral position in the greater society. Though evangelical churches may want to maintain a position of influence within the culture, especially after a year of public Christian leaders falling from grace, many young people find the church hypocritical and an untrustworthy, archaic institution.

Ex-vangelicalism is why Christian Union is so valuable on influential campuses and in strategic cities. Studies show that most young people fall away from their faith in college or in the years shortly afterward, which makes biblical and theological instruction, discipleship, and Christian community a critical component of developing the next generation of mature believers. 

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