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May 18, 2021

UPenn Class of 2021

Throughout Noah's freshman and sophmore year at UPenn, he pursued his dream of becoming a fighter pilot. However, in the spring of his senior year he received devastating news that he was medically disqualified to fly due to a minor health issue. The first person he called was a fellow Christian Union Bible Course member followed by his Bible Course leader.


Christian Union provided support and encouragement as his Christian Union community understood him and knew how to gently point him toward truth while still mourning a clear disappointment. With the help of Christian community he had built at UPenn through Christian Union, he focused on the many blessings in his life such as being able to graduate from Penn as well as his upcoming wedding.

Noah has processed the loss, and he is ready to step into the next season of his life knowing the Lord is in control. He will serve in the military, but now he is exploring a life in ministry.

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