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June 22, 2021

Amazing Dreams Led Him to the Truth 

British author Paul Kingsnorth had tried it all in his search for “a truth he would surrender to.” He started with environmentalism, in hopes that saving the planet, educating people, and valuing creation and its limits would give him meaning. Later, Zen Buddhism offered the stillness he longed for and an attempt at communing with something bigger than himself.

paul kingsworthPaul Kingsworth (photo via Paul Kingsworth's Facebook page)

He moved a lot. Always searching. He had grown up familiar with the Church of England and its tropes of “trendy vicar” and “victorian vicar.” Neither suited him, although the aging church buildings gave him the sense that something different was afoot. After Buddhism, he joined a Wiccan coven, finally feeling at home worshipping nature and its goddesses. 

Then the dreams started. Dreams of Jesus.

In this brilliant and shocking testimony of faith, Kingsnorth takes us on a journey of searching for truth, finding half-truths, and ultimately be found. Reflecting on everything from the meaning of home to the industrialized world to the need for stillness, Kingsnorth offers a modern conversion story that speaks to our need to belong and be known. 

Though young people are often characterized by, and criticized for, a “shopping-cart faith” of picking up spiritual ideas and philosophies that suit them and creating their own off-brand Buddhism and new age spirituality, Kingsnorth demonstrates that modern people also hunger for the order and the historical value of a faith tradition. 

Christian Union aims to meet college students, recent graduates, and professionals in major cities who are on a journey to find truth like Kingsnorth. By engaging seekers intellectually while also walking in the supernatural work of the Spirit today, Christian Union has helped many come to Christ in ways not unlike Kingsnorth. 

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