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July 22, 2021

Matt Bennett Featured on Podcast

The Biblical Courage podcast invited Christian Union Founder and CEO Matt Bennett to share the story of how Christian Union was formed almost 20 years ago. Bennett, who mentions that he had become a Christian in the first grade, grew up in the faith, and after college opted to forgo the family business in the hotel industry to pursue ministry. 

Nexus 2017 118Christian Union Founder and CEO Matt Bennett speaks at a Nexus Conference.

After attending Cornell University for his undergraduate and master's degrees, he began working with Campus Crusade (now Cru) at Princeton. It was there that he began to consider how he might share the gospel, teach scripture effectively, and raise up young leaders in such an intellectually rigorous and intensely secular university. After working with Cru, confirming a call to ministry, and completing his master of divinity degree, Bennett launched Christian Union, a leadership development ministry that aimed to meet students with the gospel in compelling ways at the most influential universities in the nation. 

Over the past 19 years, the ministry has flourished, met many challenges, and consistently called university students, working professionals, and believers across the world to seek the Lord with their whole hearts. The Seeking God Lifestyle is a pillar of the Christian Union ministry that was put on Bennett’s heart by the Lord years ago. Bennett noticed a trend of Christian leaders spending little to no time in prayer, fasting, and seeking the Lord for guidance and wisdom. He knew this had to change and, in a prophetic manner, began to speak boldly about the need for Christians to pursue the Lord in a fervent manner. 

Christian Union continues to call all believers onward and upward in their obedience to and dependence upon Christ. Through teaching Bible courses that study the word of God in depth to leading national fasts through the Day and Night ministry, Christian Union is praying and pursuing revival in our nation for God’s glory and our good. 

Listen to the full interview here.