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August 3, 2021

"It's Not the Way of Christ"

Hurry is a mainstay in most people’s lives. We hurry to the grocery store and to pick up the kids from school. We hurry out the door for work and hurry to get ready for another Zoom call. American’s are hurriers—it’s part of our model for productivity and efficiency. We fall into the belief that if we hurry, we can do more, be more, and certainly get more. But is hurrying truly serving us? Is all our hustle producing gains or is it actually slowly diminishing our humanness?

hurriedPhoto by Martin Adams on Unsplash 

This article from Desiring God explores how Christians ought to think about our culture of hurry and provides biblical insight into why hurry is not only sinful but not the way of Christ. Author Marshall Segal argues that walking, not rushing, running, or hurrying, is how Jesus lived.

Our Savior literally walked miles and miles in his life. He walked to heal, to preach, to see friends and family. Even in instances where we might think Jesus would hurry, like in healing a dying girl or his sick friend Lazarus, Jesus never hurried. Not once. So when we take a step back to examine our culture and our own lives, we must take an honest look at whether the impulse to rush governs our days, thoughts, and actions more than the desire to walk slowly like Jesus. 

“We’ve been made to believe, by the patterns and course of this world, that hurry is a virtue. But what if hurry was actually oppressing us — distracting us, stunting us, even scheming against us? “Hurry is the great enemy of spiritual life in our day,” the late Dallas Willard said. “You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life” (The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, 19). To really live — to know, enjoy, and follow Jesus — we need to learn and keep a pace that is human. In other words, we need to learn to walk again,” says Segal. 

Christian Union cares deeply about the souls and spiritual habits of those we minister to. From college students to recent grads to professionals and more, Christian Union desires to see lives marked by a long, slow obedience to Christ, daily choosing to prioritize devotion to him over our own schedules and plans. From Bible courses that teach spiritual disciplines and the value of incorporating spiritual habits into our lives to one-on-one mentoring with mature Christians, to devotional material that encourages and inspires, Christian Union is working towards a nation that once again chooses to walk in all the ways of our Savior Jesus.

Read the full article here.

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