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October 8, 2021

Online Study Is Fruitful for CU Gloria Students

By Kelly Parks, Staff Writer

A group of students with CU Gloria at Harvard University systematically studied the book of Exodus during the summer. 

The online series was taught by Ministry Fellow Fady Ghobrial, who holds a ​​Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and is ordained with the Southern Baptist Convention. His Biblical knowledge, combined with the students’ passion for learning, led to a fruitful summer of spiritual growth for many.

Biblical Ten Commandments inscribed on stone tablets in the Paleo-hebrew script

Through studying the book of Exodus, students such as Michael Kielstra ’22 and Katherine Wang ’23 came away with a deeper understanding of their faith and the nature of God. Moving forward, both students hope to spread this good news with the greater Harvard community and connect more with other Christian student groups on campus with a deeper sense of Christ-driven purpose. 

“I learned that Exodus is far more complex than I’d thought,” said Kielstra, who is studying mathematics with a minor in computer science. “It tells the story, not of a bad people willfully rebelling against a good God, but of a complicated people trying and failing to have a relationship with God.  The new regulations, the Tabernacle, and so forth, are all ways of counteracting Israel’s failure to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. This perspective has definitely affected the way I approach God, as I now have a much greater appreciation of how much had to change for me not to need the intervention of a priestly caste.”

Wang, a social-studies major who plans on attending law school, said, “The most memorable part of the series for me was when we discussed Exodus 22 and the golden calf incident…. All Israel wanted was a God who was more visible. They just wanted an image of Him that was less hidden, as we still do today. However, what the Israelites did not realize, and what we often forget, is that we are all in His image. Because of that, I am called to be an ambassador of Christ. This should shape me and how I want to live out my life this semester.” 

Additionally, Wang added how she appreciated the emphasis that Christ is reflected  in all things in Exodus, including the tabernacle, the promised land, and the sacrifices. “Christ was everywhere back then, and still continues to be in all things, even on campus.”

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