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October 14, 2021

A New Season and A Great Commision for CU Gloria Law

By Kelly Parks, Staff Writer

As members of the student executive team of CU Gloria Law prayed about the vision for the current academic year, each sensed the Lord calling them to focus on evangelism and discipleship. CU Gloria Law is Christian Union’s leadership development ministry at Harvard Law School.

Boston, Massachusetts - November 10, 2019: The Harvard Law School on the campus of Harvard University. Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts Harvard Law School

Jon DeWitt, one of the co-presidents on the executive team, said that CU Gloria Law seeks to pursue this vision “by prioritizing study of the scripture and regular meeting together to build one another up and edify the body.”

“Discipleship and evangelism should matter to Christians because they matter to Christ. He admonished the disciples in the upper room to be ever more closely connected to Him through discipleship… Additionally, in the great commission, Jesus charged believers to go into all the world to reach people for Him.” 

These sentiments are echoed by CU Gloria vice-president, David Tye: “Discipleship and evangelism are important priorities, because we are all specifically called to take part in them per the great commission in Matthew 28:19. Christians should care about these things because the Gospel is of supreme importance—followers of Christ understand how precious and essential a personal relationship with Christ is, and should therefore feel the urgency of spreading the Good News.”

Tye first joined Christian Union when he started at Harvard Law in 2020. A year later, he is invested in the Christian community at Harvard Law and the ministry opportunities CU Gloria offers.

“My faith is the bedrock of who I am. There is nothing more important to me than my relationship with Jesus Christ, and so I am naturally drawn to opportunities to glorify Him and witness to others on His behalf,” he said. “Accordingly, I was inspired to join the exec team at CU Gloria because I thought it would enable me to publicly share my faith alongside other Christians with the common goal of reaching our fellow law students.”

Similarly, DeWitt joined Christian Union in his first year by attending one of the CU Gloria Law welcome events. He connected with Ministry Director Justin Yim right away and is excited to further the mission of Christian Union through living out his faith amongst his peers. While DeWitt is not entirely sure what direction his career path will take him, he states, “I'm both challenged and encouraged through Christian Union that a person pursuing a relationship with Christ will have a huge impact no matter where their career takes them, whether litigating religious liberty cases or simply living out your faith in the office around your colleagues.”

This year, the CU Gloria law community will be going through a Bible course on Philemon as well as the The Reason for God, by Tim Keller. Next semester, CU Gloria Law will launch an Alpha course, which is an introductory study for new Christians or seekers to introduce them to the gospel. The idea is that each CU Gloria member will bring one new friend who they will have conversations with throughout the term in the hopes of bringing them to Christ.

DeWitt and Tye, along with Yim and other members of the executive team are looking forward to sharing Christ with others and building disciples at Harvard Law School this academic year.

“We here at CU Gloria Law have assembled a team whose unique backgrounds equip them to relate personally to Harvard’s student body,” Tye said. “We plan to provide a variety of opportunities through speaker events, reading groups, and others to present the Gospel to the greater Harvard Law community.”

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