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November 3, 2021

Nothing Less Will Change Our nation and Its People

Planned Parenthood recently distributed information to eleven-year-olds advocating for them to have sex with anyone they liked who was under the age of thirteen. The pro-abortion organization also communicated to these children that their parents can't control if they take birth control or get tested for sexually transmitted diseases, and that, ultimately, their sex life was up to their discretion. How our culture understands sexuality has been changing for a couple of generations, but in the past decade, the sexual norms have changed drastically. 

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In this provocative and thorough assessment of the transforming cultural beliefs regarding sex and sexuality, Scott Yenor argues that the only way to recover male and female identity, the centrality of marriage and commitment, and ultimately a happier more stable nation, is a radical sexual counter-revolution. Nothing less will change our nation and its people.

Yenor says that the movement of sexual freedom in which every individual has the right to choose the sexual expressions that they desire and act upon them has become the “reigning sexual constitution” through the ideologies of sexual liberation and feminism. To move past repressive sexual ideologies from our past, all sexual activity is embraced, but the movement can’t stop there; To oppose total sexual liberation is to be an oppressor and the education around sexual freedom must begin as early as eleven, where children are taught to question their gender identity. 

But as Yenor points out, the freedom of the sexual liberation movement is not exactly freedom, rather it has and will continue to create fragmented relationships and families, a less functional society, and the least happy generation ever recorded. Men and women are not interchangeable and when we pretend to be our own gods it is not only the moral fabric of society that unravels, society itself does too.

Christian Union boldly enters into the difficult conversations around new sexual ethics and norms in some of the most challenging places to have these discussions: the college campus. Where hook-up culture reigns supreme, Christian Union ministry faculty not only counsel and challenge students to imagine a different way of thinking about what our bodies are made for, they teach rigorous Bible courses that delve into the hot topics of sexual freedom from a biblical perspective. Students are taught the truth that so many have exchanged for a lie, are choosing to live in accordance with Scripture, and are sharing the true freedom of walking with Christ with their peers.

Read the full article here.

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