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March 21, 2022

College Professor Shares His Journey of Enlightenment

Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone? Probably not. For the past fifteen years, smartphones have dominated the technological world, giving us everything we could possibly need in one handheld device. It’s also given us an addiction. 

In this article for Christianity Today, Dru Johnson takes us on his journey of giving up his smartphone in favor of a “dumbphone.” After realizing he was experiencing an addiction to his phone, checking social media and news sites and email far too often, Johnson got rid of his vice and gained much more than he was expecting. 

Minsk, Belarus - November 22, 2019: Panasonic G51small mobile phone debuted in the 4th quarter of 2003

As a college professor, Johnson regularly encouraged students to take a week away from all screens. Their responses were alarming: “In 2021, students say they can’t do without music. Music helps them to drown out, distract, close out, and numb themselves to the real world…Many students reported to me that they hadn’t experienced undistracted boredom for as long as they could remember. When stillness was unavoidable, most reported anxiety to the point that they had to get a fix of music to avoid having a panic attack. These are their words.”

In a world that increasingly demands more attention and stop-acne-meds.com to things like social media, technology, and work, spending time in solitude, seeking God through the scriptures, or fasting are increasingly rare. For the past 20 years, Christian Union has been inviting and challenging students and adults across the nation to pursue these ways of God and godliness.  

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