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April 5, 2022

"A Disturbing New Normal"

The Church of England is leading its people into an era of confusion, argues Mary Wren, a writer for Premier Christianity magazine. Citing the lack of clarity regarding same-sex marriage, Wren says that the Church of England is less than willing to teach its congregations what Scripture says about the topic—and this is causing division and confusion. 

Detail of the main facade of Salisbury Cathedral. Highlights its magnificent sculptures and stained glass

Wren, a former Catholic, recalls that whether one agreed with it or not, the teachings of the Catholic church were always clear, on public display, and rooted in Scripture. She argues that the public clarity on a topic like abortion was empowering for those who called themselves Catholic because it meant they weren’t alone in their beliefs. 

But upon moving into the Anglican tradition in the Church of England, Wren has noticed a disturbing new normal—silence on tough topics. Wren acknowledges that the reformation rightly put Scripture in the hands of everyone, but the Church has slipped towards allowing its congregants to adopt whatever kind of theological stances they feel comfortable with rather than instructing them in the rich heritage and complexity of theological and biblical truth. Congregations need leadership that is strong and clear to teach them, especially when it comes to divisive and culturally complex topics like same-sex marriage.

Moreover, proponents of same-sex marriage present loud voices regarding their positions and theological beliefs, making the silence of the Church of England that much more confusing and noticeable. If no one speaks out against the cultural norms of today, the cultural norms will become the norms of the church. 

Christian Union has been a prophetic voice in highly secular universities and cities for twenty years. It is essential that Christians know Scripture and theology and how to engage with the cultural issues of today through a biblical lens, and Christian Union is working to ensure just that. 

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