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May 30, 2022

Male and Female and the Word of God 

Complementarianism, the idea that men and women are not identical, but rather equal and distinct, is a concept we see written throughout Scripture. And as Andrew Wilson argues in this comprehensive article for The Gospel Coalition, it is also written into creation.

Sun and moon, day and night, heavens and earth, man and women. Wilson argues that all of creation was made in complementary balance—one element depending upon and completing its other half. But when it comes to modern thinking around gender and sex, this biblical perspective becomes radical. 

Couple doing sport together on the street. Morning run

To say that women and men are not identical or interchangeable is an offensive statement in our culture. And yet, it is this beautiful distinction and difference that God has woven into the fabric of creation that Christians must stand for. Wilson further argues that as the respect for and distinction between heaven and earth, creator and created began to wear throughout the past century, the distinction between male and female began to fall with it. God’s created order is being rejected by our culture, which is why it is more important than ever for believers to have a robust understanding of what that created order and purpose is.

Christian Union has been teaching the traditional biblical ethic around sex and sexuality for the past twenty years. Through rigorous Bible courses that address these issues head on to leadership lecture series that challenge students to reject the cultural norms of today, students are being discipled in the ways of Scripture and truth.

Read the full article here.

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