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June 6, 2022

CU Gloria Director: ‘We Want to See Christ Lifted High’

By Tom Campisi, Managing Editor

Christian Union Gloria and other ministries at Harvard Law School were recently featured on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). The report, seen on major television stations and online, highlighted a strong Christian presence there and a unified desire to see God move mightily.

CBN Anchor Mark Martin opened the segment by noting how first-year law student Matt Chun was pleasantly surprised to find a vibrant Christian community at Harvard Law School.

1 A CBN article HLS“It's been incredibly encouraging for me being involved with Christian Union and small groups, and even going to church with my classmates and going to prayer in the mornings,” Chun said. “It seems like there’s Christian programming almost every day and tons of ways to get plugged in...”

Justin Yim, Christian Union’s ministry director at Harvard Law School, was also interviewed. He said Christians are seeing God move in powerful ways.

“If you speak to some of the other campus ministers on campus and some of the students, there's a sense that something is happening. We know that God is not dead at Harvard,” Yim said. “We're gathering together across ministries, across the graduate schools, coming together, worshiping together, praying together. We're all pressing in for the same thing. We want to see Christ lifted high and exalted and we want to see a revival on the campus.”

Third-year law student Krissy Annunziata “expected it to be tough as a Christian [at Harvard Law School],” yet found her faith flourishing after seeing Jesus move in so many ways.

“I've seen people come to Christ. I've seen people receiving the Holy Spirit and I've seen healings,” she said. “It's just incredible to me, the community that is here… It's not just the law students. When we host events, we have people coming across the different master's and doctoral programs across the campus. A lot of them in the science fields, engineering, computer science…”

The CBN report also featured the miracle, signs, and wonders workshop at Harvard Law School and the Program on Biblical Law and Christian Legal Studies.

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In an earlier Christian Union Magazine article, Yim noted the contingent of students who are seeking God and seeking revival on campus. Students, ministry leaders, and even some law school professors are passionate about the possibilities of what can happen.

“We are encouraged to see God move in powerful ways,” said Yim. “Unity is a requirement before revival comes. All Christians are united in this one thing: calling out to our God to do a new thing on campus.”

“God is opening doors to bring Christians together. I feel like He is going to do something amazing.”

In the CBN report, Yim explained that “the Christian presence is not out of character here.”

“When you think about the history of Harvard University… it started out as a place where men were trained for the Christian ministry,” he said. “So, it is hearkening back to its original roots.”

“We know that God has worked here before, and we know that God is working.”

To view the CBN report, click here.

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