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July 21, 2022

'Knowledge of God and Self Go Hand in Hand'

“Transformation is the gift of the Christian life,” says Jen Wilkin in a recent talk for The Gospel Coalition.

More than anything else in our culture today, people want to know, who am I? For Christians, they may turn to the Bible to search for answers, as Wilkin states, knowledge of God and self always go hand in hand. No knowledge about self can ever come apart from knowledge of God. Because Scripture primarily teaches us about the nature and character of God, to know ourselves, we must immerse ourselves in the revealed word of God.

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Expounding on Romans 11:33-12:2, Wilkin draws out the call from Paul to know and worship God rightly so that we might be transformed into His image. Pointing to three truths that Paul brings out in chapter 11, Wilkin argues that God has all riches, all wisdom, and all knowledge.

“Because God owns all things, we cannot extort or blackmail him. Because God holds all information (knowledge) perfectly and effortlessly, he can judge us perfectly (wisdom). If we want to feel deeply about God, we need to think deeply about him. Meditating on God’s riches, wisdom, and knowledge will ultimately transform us into Christ’s image.”

Christian Union focuses on teaching students at some of the most influential universities in the world the truth of Scripture so that they might both know the Creator of all things as well as themselves. 

Listen to the full talk here.