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August 4, 2022

Empowering employees through listening and valuing their ideas pays off big when it comes to creating a successful work environment

By Anne Kerhoulas

Servant leadership might sound like a Christian phrase, but this Harvard Business Review article describes how servant leadership is actually the most effective leadership strategy—for everyone. 


When businesses and organizations become overly focused on outcomes and metrics, they can begin to view employees as a means to an end rather than resources to develop. This causes burnout and resentment and is ultimately counterproductive. Rather, the key to successful organizations is helping employees feel motivated and energized so that they bring their best efforts to work. 

humble leadership

Dan Cable, who wrote the book Alive at Work to explore how servant leadership works, says he helps employees find purpose in their work by adopting “the humble mind-set of a servant leader. Servant leaders view their key role as serving employees as they explore and grow, providing tangible and emotional support as they do so. To put it bluntly, servant-leaders have the humility, courage, and insight to admit that they can benefit from the expertise of others who have less power than them. They actively seek the ideas and unique contributions of the employees that they serve. This is how servant leaders create a culture of learning, and an atmosphere that encourages followers to become the very best they can."

Christian Union develops Christian leaders—leaders who are not only servant leaders who work to bring out the best in their coworkers and those they lead, but also are marked by Christian character. While servant leadership might sound inherently Christian, it is only half of what it means to be a Christian leader. Servant leadership without holiness, the fruits of the Spirit, repentance, and prayer can only go so far. That’s why Christian Union is committed to developing Christian leaders who will lead effectively while also shining the light of the gospel wherever they are.

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