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August 22, 2022

A Letter from Founder and President Matt Bennett

Christian Union is entering its third decade of ministry; praise God and thanks to you! I thank God for the lives that have been changed and the honor the Lord has received over the past twenty years. 

CU America 

The first strategic step in fulfilling Christian Union’s mission involved the founding of  CU Universities at Princeton University, to develop many of America’s future leaders as devout men and women of bold Christian action. Thanks to God and many generous Cornerstone Partners who share this heart, CU Universities has expanded to nine undergraduate universities and one graduate program—Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard College, Harvard Law School, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Stanford University, and Yale University.

Alongside CU Universities, Christian Union Cities and Christian Union Day and Night became key initiatives to accomplish our mission, and these two ministries alongside CU Universities described Christian Union as a whole. But now, instead of having three parts (CU Universities, CU Cities, and CU Day and Night), we’ve merged into two parts: CU Universities and CU America. 

CU Universities focuses on students and faculty at our targeted universities, and CU America is for alumni of our university ministries as well as their spouses, friends, and any adults across the USA. Programs underneath CU America include CU New York City, CU National Fasts (usually August and January), CU Fire Retreats, the publication of CU Bible Studies, and more offerings for adults.  

We believe this two-fold organization will better serve the vision to which God has called Christian Union. You’ll see changes in the future reflecting these new names and categorizations.

From the beginning, Christian Union’s mission and vision have remained the same. God called the ministry to develop and connect transformative Christian leaders to bring revival and reformation to the nation. As the nation continues deeper in division and darkness, bold and strong Christian leaders across the country are needed now more than ever. We are seeking Him earnestly for much more impact. Let’s all be pursuing Him and working together toward this end for His glory!

Yours in Christ,

Matt Bennett