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September 26, 2022

A Current Student Gives An Honest Assessment of the Institution

By Anne Kerhoulas

For the past 20 years, Christian Union has ministered at some of the most influential universities in our nation. As one of these schools, Harvard has a long history of excellence and prestige, but what is Harvard like for the students attending its hallowed halls?


In this article for Public Discourse, current student Olivia Glunz provides insight into how she sees the institution failing, how faith can thrive in its challenging setting, and what the campus culture is like.

Glunz notes that the liberal arts institution has become decidedly less rigorous, failing to actually challenge students in their beliefs in favor of producing positive outcomes for the university. “It’s possible to graduate from Harvard without challenging one’s prejudices, without genuinely exploring different disciplines, and without ever diverting one’s gaze from the holy trinity of law, finance, and consulting,” says Glunz.

But even more interesting is Glunz take on the political environment that Harvard fosters. Of Harvard professors, 82% identify as liberal or very liberal while only 1% identify as conservative. But the discrepancy doesn’t end there, in the class of 2022, 70% identify as liberal or very liberal while only 6% identify themselves as conservative. Glunz asks in response, “Can academic freedom, civil discourse, or mere open-mindedness thrive in such an environment?” 

While there are concerning realities to life at Harvard, Glunz also acknowledges the space she has been afforded for real spiritual growth as a professing Catholic. “Harvard is not as perfect as its admirers claim, with intellectual curiosity and political diversity too often in short supply. But neither is it the lost cause its critics suggest.”

Christian Union ministers at schools like Harvard with the goal of seeing these campuses come alive to Christ, his gospel, and the powerful work of the Spirit. To read more about the work of our Universities ministries, watch this video.  

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