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December 19, 2022

A Network Helping Alumni Connect and Flourish

By Anne Kerhoulas

Christian Union has served undergraduate and graduate students at some of the most influential universities in the country for decades. But what happens to these students after they graduate? The transition from college to the working world is not only challenging on a personal level, but it is also one of the times individuals are more likely to walk away from their faith. 

cu mentoring

This is where CU Society comes in. Recently, Christian Union restructured and renamed portions of its ministry to better reflect the work the Lord has called the organization to do. CU Society is a part of CU America, Christian Union's ministry to alumni, professionals in major cities, and individuals across the nation who desire to seek the Lord and see the Lord bring revival to our nation. 

“One thing I deeply value about Christian Union is the desire to transition students well and CU Society uniquely helps this process,” says Jill Constantinou, the director of CU Society. “By providing a network of like-minded faithful believers who want to seek God, there is a stronger pull to remain in the Body of Christ after graduation by linking graduates through similar industries, geographies, and interests.” 

CU Society specifically serves alumni from our CU Universities ministries who long to stay connected to the ministry that shaped their college experience. While CU alumni are the primary audience for this ministry, spouses, parents, and Cornerstone Partners of CUU are also invited to participate in the programs that Christian Union provides.

CU Society offers three main avenues for alumni to connect: alumni boards, the mentoring program, and connect groups. Alumni boards for each of the CUU ministries provide a space for alumni to give back to and lead the ministry in which they were involved. These alumni boards meet regularly to discuss the needs of the university ministry, pray for students, and find ways to support the faculty and student leadership team. 

One example of an alumni board supporting its ministry was the CU Gloria Alumni Board at Harvard. There was a pressing need for CU Gloria students to receive Christian counseling due to the lack of counseling available through the university. After partnering with a local Christian counseling organization, the alumni board created a benevolence fund that would enable CU Gloria students to receive Christian counseling at low or no cost to them. 

Another very popular CU Society offering is the mentoring program. Designed specifically for recent graduates, the mentoring program pairs recent grads with faithful believers in the same city or line of work. These mentors are also graduates of CUU schools and understand the rigorous atmosphere of undergraduate life as well as the pressure of the transition into the working world. The year-long program allows young professionals to meet with their mentor monthly, study Christian resources together, discuss pertinent questions like choosing a church to commit to or how to bring faith into the workplace, and develop a meaningful relationship that is rooted in the gospel. The fall of 2022 mentoring program paired together 49 mentees and mentors.

Finally, connect groups allow CU Society members to create groups around specialized content to develop and connect Christian leaders in areas like seeking God, faith and work, evangelism, and more. Connect groups can be started by any member of CU Society that has an interest and desire to gather fellow believers together to learn more about a chosen topic. These groups will typically run for about a year and offer participants a regular touchpoint for community and intellectual engagement. 

It’s an exciting time in CU Society as alumni continue to mature and flourish in the walk with Jesus.