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March 20, 2023

A Trio of Christian Union Bible Studies Explore the Psalter  

By Anne Kerhoulas


Christian Union seeks a spiritually vibrant nation marked by Christian values permeating every corner of society. This vision is being advanced through the launch of Christian Union Bible Studies that are available to anyone who seeks to know the Lord and His word better. 

three books

Based on the Bible course model that has been developed and implemented in the Christian Union Universities ministries, CU Bible Studies will empower you to learn Scripture as never before. These guides are more exegetically focused and academic than a devotional book, yet more accessible and application-oriented than a commentary. 

Christian Union Founder and CEO Matt Bennett has dreamed of creating Bible studies available to the public for years now, and is thrilled to see this goal finally coming into fruition.

"I am excited about the release of Christian Union Bible studies because of the in-depth teaching and emphasis on the impact of the Word in the personal spiritual life of the reader,” says Bennett. “For many years Christian Union has had requests for us to publish the Bible studies we’ve developed for our students, and by the grace of God, it’s finally happening!"

The first of what will hopefully be many studies to come explores the Psalms in three separate studies; Psalms 1-41, Psalms 42-89, and Psalms 90-150. The three-part studies were released throughout the second half of 2022 and are all available for purchase at major retailers. 

Proven on the campuses of top-tier universities, these Bible studies provide a deep understanding of biblical texts through explanations about translations, historical background, literary genres, and the meanings of Hebrew and Greek words. They draw from the best biblical scholarship available, presenting it in an accessible and concise format. 

Michael Racine, the author of the Psalms Bible Studies and a CU Lux ministry fellow, has been encouraged during his time researching and writing the series of studies. “The Psalms are so wonderfully beautiful and practical, teaching us how to pray in all circumstances and inspiring faith, hope, and love as we behold our great God and Savior,” Racine reflects. 

“Right out of the gate in this second volume, we find a powerful strategy for overcoming depression (Ps 42–43); how to face confusion and defeat (Ps 44); and then have our eyes set on the glorious King who is coming establish justice on the earth, to rule over all nations, and to receive us as His precious bride (Ps 45–47). I pray these studies will help many to see God more clearly and be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit as they feed on His Word and abide in His presence.”

This series is perfect for people who want to grow in their faith through in-depth studies of Scripture that supplement their regular Bible reading. In ten lessons, these Bible studies will help you dive deeply into Scripture, either on your own or in a group context.