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November 15, 2022

Tim Keller’s New Book Explores The Power and Challenge of Forgiveness

By Anne Kerhoulas

Forgiveness is hard. And for most people, it’s something we don’t do very well or often enough. Tim Keller wants to change that. Focusing on the power of Christ’s forgiveness for us that empowers us to forgive others, Keller invites us to walk faithfully in all that forgiveness is.


“Forgiveness is granted (event) before it’s felt (process). It’s a promise before God not to take revenge on a wrongdoer for his or her sin against you. Making that promise entails three practical commitments. You promise (1) not to constantly bring the sin up to the wrongdoer in order to browbeat and punish her, (2) not to constantly bring the sin up to other people in order to hurt the wrongdoer’s reputation and relationship with others, and (3) not to constantly bring the sin up to yourself—not to keep the anger hot, not to replay the video of it in order to cherish the feeling of nobility and virtue that comes from having been treated unjustly.”

Nuance like this is vital in understanding what forgiveness is, what we can expect to feel in the process, and how to live into the forgiveness we have given. Without guidance like this, it’s all too easy to never forgive or to not stay in the forgiveness we extend to others, allowing bitterness and anger to seep back in.

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