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November 22, 2022

Faculty Who Disagree With Doctrinal Statement on LGBTQ Relationships Permitted To Teach

By Anne Kerhoulas

While it’s no surprise that universities nationwide reflect current sexual norms within our culture, many have been closely watching the hundreds of Christian colleges and universities as they draw a line in the sand. Will they accept our culture's sexual and gender revolution or will they adhere to biblical sexuality? Will our culture get the final word or will Scripture? 


This moment is coming for every Christian college, but for Calvin University, which is founded and owned by the Christian Reformed Church, the moment is here. And they have chosen to side with culture. 

In this article for World, R. Albert Mohler Jr. unpacks the weighty decision arguing that to deny certain doctrines of a confession makes the confession void.

“What sense does it make to claim that faculty are obligated to affirm the church’s confessional beliefs and then turn around and allow for personal objections to those very beliefs? Samuel Miller, long a stalwart professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, defined the issue very well: “If the system of doctrine taught in the confession be wrong, let it by all means be changed. But as long as we profess to hold certain doctrines, let us really and honestly hold them.” Speaking of a “lax mode of interpreting subscription to creeds,” Miller concluded that allowing for personal exceptions would mean that confessionalism is dead: “With whatever potency or value they may have once been invested, they will soon degenerate into mere ed-pills24.com.” If you want to know what that looks like, direct your gaze at Calvin University.”

Christian Union upholds and teaches the biblical sexual ethic in some of the most secular universities in the nation. While this teaching is difficult for many students to hear and believe, biblical sexuality is not the oppressive and patriarchal tradition that so many believe it to be. Rather, it offers hope for sexual flourishing and the recovery of our true identity as children of God in a world that upholds sexual identity as the most important thing about us. 

Read more about the decision here.
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