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December 6, 2022

Practical Teaching on Healing in the Church Today

By Anne Kerhoulas

The gospels depict a supernatural world in which demons are cast out of people, the dead are raised, and the sick are healed. But for many Christians today, the world of the Bible seems to have little to no bearing on our present-day world—we see the demonic as fantasy, and believe that healings and miracles likely have a practical, scientific explanation.

But if we read the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus and take them seriously, we have to reconsider our modern sensibilities to grapple with the reality that not only did Jesus heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead, but he said we, his followers, would do even greater works than those. 

In this sermon for Church of the City, Pastor Darren Rouanzoin provides practical teaching on healing in the Bible and what we have been given in Christ through his Holy Spirit.

darren rouanzoin

Rouanzoin argues that western Christianity has settled into a low expectation of what God can and will do today. Most believers don’t believe that God still heals, that demonic activity is part of our world, or that we should even pray and seek the Lord for supernatural intervention. Because of this, the one people group in the world who has the power of God within them is rendered ineffective in their calling. Rouanzoin explores several texts about healing, the power we are given in the Holy Spirit, and discusses how we can begin walking in faith and praying for healing. 

Christian Union believes that the gifts of the Spirit are active in the Church today and should be pursued with vigor. Through our ministries at top universities, in New York City, and CU Fire Retreats, people across the nation are being called into their inheritance as sons and daughters of God who have been given his authority on earth. Christian Union is eager to teach the Scripture and see believers healed, whole, and equipped to bring the kingdom of God to bear in their spheres of influence. 

Listen to the full sermon here.  

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