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December 26, 2022

Orthodoxy’s Commitment To Truth and Love

By Anne Kerhoulas

Truth and love often seem at odds in our culture today. Everyone has their own truth and wants the freedom to believe what they want. So to hold fast to the truth and conviction of orthodox Christian faith is challenging. All too often believers settle for bland acceptance of everyone’s truth as being valid in the name of loving them. But as Trevin Wax argues in this article for The Gospel Coalition, this radically opposes the pursuit of sound theology and doctrine as presented in the gospels and New Testament. 


Wax says, “Today, we labor under the false pressure of thinking lines must be erased if all are to be loved. The way we extend love is by pretending our beliefs and practices are of no ultimate importance. Walk this path and you eventually extend the boundaries of Christianity so far it becomes impossible to define. In the name of love, openness, and inclusivity, we don’t expand Christianity but dissolve it. We remove load-bearing walls from the house, watch it collapse, and call it progress.”

Wax calls Christians both to see the power and beauty of orthodox theology and doctrine, but also the love that these doctrines ought to inspire in us. Rather than using doctrine to oppose those who are different than us, it can empower us to love them in truth—something they need more than generic kindness or acceptance of every belief. 

Christian Union strives to instill a deep love and knowledge of orthodox Christian theology and doctrine in students at top universities and individuals across the nation who want to follow Jesus in spirit and truth. Through rigorous Bible studies, powerful retreats, and engaging forums and lectures, Christian Union ministries proclaim the beauty and power of God’s truth to a world that needs it more than ever.

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