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January 9, 2023

Can A Christian Nurse Participate In Gender Reassignment?

By Anne Kerhoulas

It’s becoming a question more and more believers in healthcare will have to face: can a Christian doctor or nurse assist in gender reassignment surgery? 

In this article for Desiring God, John Piper addresses the question from a biblical perspective to help believers understand the gravity of their actions as well as their responsibility to God and his creation. 


Piper argues that healthcare providers are either working toward life or toward destruction. While much of healthcare promotes health, healing, and wholeness that align with God’s purposes and desires for his creation, when healthcare leads to dehumanization and the destruction of God’s designs, we must refuse to participate in such practices. 

“So, the Christian nurse is faced with a new challenge. Not, “How do I act as a Christian in pursuing shared views of external good?” — which is what she’s been living with for the time up until these anxiety-tab.com. Not, “How do I, as a Christian, practice pursuing shared views of external good?” But, “Can I act as a Christian in sharing practices and goals that no longer reflect God’s common grace, no longer reflect God’s law written on the heart, no longer reflect any vestiges of long-abandoned Christian virtue?”

Piper changes the question from, “how do I act” as a Christian to “can I act” as a Christian in these practices? This simple shift radically changes how we think about our actions. If our actions inherently oppose God’s intentions and purposes, we ought not to think about how to act Christianly in such situations, but rather accept the truth that we cannot support and participate in such actions at all. 

Christian Union disciples professionals through difficult decisions and circumstances with a biblical worldview. As our increasingly secular culture presents more and more challenges to living out the Christian faith, believers must be equipped with the knowledge of God’s word and the practical tools to daily pursue Christ and keep him at the center of their lives.

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