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February 7, 2023

A Cornerstone Partner Visits the Ministry at Brown


By Don Stahl


Ever wonder, “what is that ministry really like?” 


As a Cornerstone Partner, I certainly knew something of what Christian Union seeks to do, and saw lots of evidence that it was genuinely touching the lives of the next generation of leaders. But in my experience working with over 100 non-profits and ministries throughout my career, I have found there is nothing like “showing up!”

So, by prior arrangement, I did. Am I glad I went!

Christian Union at Brown

First, CU Libertas is fortunate to have the Judson Center, a charming Victorian converted for hospitality and ministry. Hospitality and a warm welcome—that’s what I experienced from the moment I arrived until leaving two hours later. 

Since its inception eight years ago, the work has grown organically. Part of the progress of drawing people to the Judson Center has been through a core of student leaders who are themselves growing in their faith and learning to demonstrate and share it. An annual trip to Cape Cod is a highlight for these students, their enthusiasm evident in pictures on the sandy beach of the Cape. 

“How do you engage a skeptical student culture like this?” I asked. 

Among the things the students have done are: a “Text Me for Chick-fil-a.” Students were invited to send questions related to faith and for submitting a question, they received a free Chick-Fil-A sandwich! They prepared for 200 questions and received 600! (Sounded like a great annual event for a Cornerstone Partner to support! )

This example makes a point: the ministry invites inquiry, builds authentic relationships, and provides space and hospitality—literally—to explore the Christian faith and the good news of the gospel. Some 60-80 lives are touched each year. 

As we prayed together and said goodbye, it struck me that it’s too bad we can’t all actually see ministries up close and personal like this. But my trip provided fresh hope and optimism for the next generation.  If you have the chance—and can be engaged with Christian Union—you’ll be glad you did.