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February 13, 2023

Student Chapel Service Led to Four Days (And Counting) of Revival

By Anne Kerhoulas

Asbury University is no stranger to revival. The small school in Wilmington, Kentucky has seen eight notable moves of the Spirit since the early 1900s, with the longest in 1970 lasting over 144 hours. 

And today, the Lord is at work again as a chapel service on Wednesday, February 8th led to continuous worship, prayer, and repentance that has lasted four days. Students felt the need to stay after the chapel concluded, sensing that the Holy Spirit was present and working in powerful ways. 


Alexandra Presta, a student writer and worship leader at Asbury College, has been chronicling the revival for the student newspaper, providing updates and insights into what the Lord is doing. 

On February 10, Presta wrote, “I have never seen Hughes this packed. Very few seats remain empty, but people crowd the walls, the floor and the balcony. It’s been almost 60 hours since a pure Holy Spirit revival broke out. Testimonies are ongoing; spoken, typed out and declared out of the darkness and into the light.” 

As time passed and word spread about the revival, people from the surrounding towns and states began to come, hungry to encounter the Spirit and participate in the work of God. 

Praise God that He is at work in the lives of university students and Americans, and join us in praying that many more would be blessed and drawn to the power of God at work in Wilmore.

CU America is a movement of Christian leaders spanning multiple Christian traditions, including evangelicals, pentecostals, and Catholics, who jointly desire increased Christian vitality and national transformation. Through fervent prayer, humility in fasting, repentance, evangelism and dedication to His ways as revealed in His word, Christians around our country are banding together to ask God to have mercy and bring about the greatest revival the nation has ever seen. 

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