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February 21, 2023

Cultivating the Heart

By Anne Kerhoulas

“How do we cultivate a heart in which God delights to dwell?”

This is the question Jon Tyson answers in this sermon series for the Church of the City. Tyson explores the principles behind revival and awakening throughout history and dives into how we can join the Lord in His work, pursuing His will and living in alignment with His desires.  


In a culture that doesn’t value the heart—our inner selves—in a significant way, but rather prioritizes the external life and how we appear to others, the church must actively seek to develop the inner life through prayer, Scripture, and intimacy with Christ. 

All too often we believe that we can educate ourselves out of any problem that we face, or that we can trust our hearts to guide us in the truth. But Scripture says that the heart is evil and desperately sick, and is something we must jealously guard. To cultivate a heart, therefore, that the Lord delights to dwell in, Christians must walk in repentance, put to death our sin, to guard our hearts from the lies of the enemy, and to seek the Lord with all our hearts.

Christian Union teaches university students at some of our nations most influential universities the necessity of cultivating a heart for the Lord. Through the Seeking God Lifestyle principles of prayer, fasting, Scripture reading, community, repentance, and more, students learn the biblical foundations of cultivating a heart for Christ and experience the transforming power of the Spirit as they put the disciplines into practice.

Listen to the full sermon here.