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April 13, 2023

Harvard Law School Students and Professor Host Powerful Time of Prayer

By Anne Kerhoulas

It’s not every day that a deliverance event is hosted at Harvard Law School. But that’s just what happened in the fall of 2022 when Marianna and Jacob Hawkins contacted a Harvard Law School professor with the idea of hosting a spiritual freedom event for Christian students at Harvard. 

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The Hawkins’, who attended HLS and HBS and participated in Christian Union Gloria Law as well as other ministries, have been praying for the Lord to come in power and bring freedom to students for years. 

“It has been our heart for the 5 years we've been at Harvard to see students walk in the fullness of Christ’s victory on the cross. So many Christians are ignorant of the reality of the spiritual world. This event served to open our eyes to what some might call an uncomfortable reality — that demons, darkness, and bondage exist for non-believers and Christians alike,” says Marianna Hawkins. 

The event, which the Hawkins’ called “Prayer and Freedom,” attracted about 20 students from different ministries. The couple invited their two mentors from Texas to minister during the event in tandem with the HLS professor and her team. The ministers spoke on the power of prayer and deliverance and then offer avodart-dutasteride.com to those who were interested. 

The topic of deliverance—casting out demons—might seem unlikely at our nation’s leading law school. Nevertheless, the evening proved to be incredibly fruitful and a powerful time of prayer and deliverance occurred in a conference room on the HLS campus. 

CU Gloria Law Ministry Director Justin Yim was in attendance and said that after a time of teaching from Scripture, several demonic manifestations occurred while the HLS professor and her guests prayed for and delivered students. While some students had never seen demonic manifestations in people, others were quite familiar with what was happening and were able to join in prayer for deliverance. 

“When a demon is screaming out as it is being cast out, it can be a bone-chilling wake-up call,” says Hawkins. “While we saw that uncomfortable truth, we also saw that Jesus is so much greater than any evil. His power to set people free was breaking out all over the room. Many were freed from anxiety, fear, infirmity, witchcraft, and generational bondage.”

Deliverance, which is often an unfamiliar term for many western Christians, is the process by which demons are cast out of believing Christians. This process can also involve breaking down spiritual strongholds that have been passed down through generational sins or curses, as well as inner healing in which the Holy Spirit ministers to a person’s emotional woundedness. Through repentance and declaring the power of Christ in the believer’s life, demons are cast out and no longer have any power or authority over the individual that they have been oppressing or harassing. This is a powerful spiritual interaction, but it is also something that Christians are called to and given authority to do by Jesus himself (Matthew 10:1, 8). 

“The body of believers present at this event saw that Jesus already won the victory, and He has given us the power and authority to cast out all demons (Luke 10:19). Our prayer is that the demonstration of God's power, and the seeds planted at this event will continue to animate the body of Christ at Harvard to seek Him and live out the call to "Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give freely as you have received" (Matt 10:8 NLT),” says Hawkins.

Praise God that He still works in powerful ways to set His people free for His glory. And praise God that no place is too secular and no location too unlikely for His Spirit to be at work in powerful ways for His glory.