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April 3, 2023

New Ministry Faculty Excited to Grow the Kingdom At Dartmouth

By Anne Kerhoulas

The season is turning in Hanover. Winter is slowly thawing, students are returning for the spring term, and CU Vox is beginning afresh with new ministry faculty. Ministry Director Tim Pillsbury is thrilled to join the Christian Union family and continue to grow God’s kingdom at Dartmouth.

Pillsbury has deep roots in Hanover, having grown up in the area and had multiple family members attend Dartmouth. But there is also a spiritual legacy for Pillsbury. His parents, both Dartmouth alums, helped plant a church in the area—the same church he came to pastor for the past five years. Pillsbury’s story has always been interwoven with the small town that is home to one of our nation's leading universities, and as he joins CU Vox, he is finally able to dedicate his time and energy specifically to making disciples at Dartmouth. 


Though his work at the local church, Pillsbury is excited about devoting his ministry exclusively to college students. 

“I am most excited about getting to know the students for sure. I love one-on-ones and counseling,” says Pillsbury. “Three students have died this year. Coming out of winter, which is naturally speaking the darkest time, and into exams, the biggest needs are for students to connect to a God who is real. That’s really what we want, that’s our heartbeat. Students are dispirited and downhearted and really need to connect to God in a new and powerful way.”

But Pillsbury isn’t just excited about ministering to students at a university he loves, he’s excited about the mission and vision of Christian Union and how CU aims to grow the kingdom of God at strategic universities. 

“The emphasis on seeking God as a core principle of how ministry gets done really appeals to me. I have felt in my own life that my times of greatest advancement have come out of my greatest times of seeking God. I love that I’m at an organization that recognizes and supports that,” says Pillsbury.

“When I read through the spiritual commitments [of CU] I was amazed. I was saying to my wife, this is exactly what we are already doing—fasting, prayer, extraordinary times of seeking God, morning and evening devotionals. I felt like it lined up to join a spiritual organization that is also highly professional and intellectual and spiritual—three things that fit me very well. I am so pleased to be able to learn and also lead at CU.”  

As students return for the spring term, CU Vox will focus on forming relationships with the new ministry faculty, raising up the next leaders for ministry teams, and beginning to look ahead to the fall freshman welcoming campaign. 

Praise God for His faithfulness to Christian Union and the Dartmouth community!