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February 28, 2014

Personal Reflections on How God Can Use Failure in Your Life

FailureFailure in the life of a Christian should not surprise us, yet it is a topic that is not often addressed, even by Christian speakers. And when failure is inevitably experienced, either in the Christian life (moral/spiritual failure) or in the life of a Christian (defeat in day-to-day life), there is often little guidance for dealing with the agonizing and pervasive questions that may arise: Where is God? How could He let this happen? Does He really care or exist?

In a recent article on Reasonable Faith, Christian apologist William Lane Craig sheds light on the topic of failure and its meaning through his own personal reflections.

I just couldn’t understand how God could have let it happen. He had called us to Germany and miraculously supplied the finances for my study. We were walking in His will; I was sure of it. I had not been negligent or overconfident. …But especially, we had prayed earnestly and faithfully for this examination… I had just failed it, that’s all. But how could God have let it happen? What about His promises? “In all that he does, he prospers.” “Whatsoever you ask in my name…”
As I worked through my feelings in the ensuing days, it became clear to me that Psalm 1:1-3 just could not be construed as some sort of blanket promise that covers every case. Christians don’t always prosper in what they undertake. Sometimes they do fail, and that’s just a fact.
For Christians who have dealt with, or are currently dealing with failure in their lives, consider that God does have a plan, and it may just include failure as an unexpected pathway to success.

…even though we fail, failure may be the better part of success in the Lord’s eyes. I have a hunch that God is not so much interested in what we go through as in how we go through it. Though we may fail in the task that we’ve set out to do, if we respond to that failure with faith, courage, and dependency on the Lord’s strength, rather than with despair, bitterness, and depression, we are counted a success in His sight.
Read William Lane Craig’s full article here.