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May 29, 2014

Cherish Connelly '14 Reflects on Her Growth 

Cherish-Connelly1_CuTodayI'm majoring in psychology with a secondary degree in neurobiology. As a science concentrator, I'm often asked, "How can you believe in God?" I've been involved with Christian Union for four years and in that time I've developed the knowledge needed to answer that question tactfully, respectfully, and in a way that presents the Gospel.

Observing neurons in a microscope is an amazing sight; I love seeing how billions of tiny neurons control behavior, emotions, even senses. To me, it gives evidence of God. These tiny cells in our brain control everything the body does. I would argue, only God could design that efficiency.

Christian Union ministry fellows, Jane Tsang and Teal McGarvey, have been incredibly important in my growth in understanding the way I can influence my field. Jane has answered difficult questions about Scripture and walked with me through life for four years. Teal is an important influence as well. I know they are there for me, and their mentorship has given me tools to be Christ-like in every situation.

There is an important place for me in the sciences with a Christian worldview. Conversations are often sparked in the neurobiology lab. For the past three years, my conversations with individuals have explored faith, science, even family. Science says, 'Seek knowledge and understanding of the world and how humans function.' God says, 'Seek Me.' But God also makes Himself known through His creation. So as a Christian, science is about studying and understanding God's creation, and ultimately about seeking God and knowing Him more.

Eventually, I want to earn a PhD in clinical psychology. Whatever God has for me, Christian Union has taught me how to be a Christian leader in every setting. Real leadership is a spiritual pursuit, and I'm thankful it is one I have learned how to use.

--Cherish Connelly, Class of 2014