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September 12, 2014

Though Most People Stick to One Type of Prayer, But Real Fruit Can Be Found in Worship

488154423As we finish up the fourth week of our prayer and fasting initiative, we have an opportunity to consider what we can do to be more effective in our prayer lives. When prayer is divided into its constituent components, five particular elements stand out as necessary for a well-balanced prayer system:

1.     Worship (Adoration)

2.     Thanksgiving

3.     Confession

4.     Petition

5.     Intercession

After learning about the various types of prayer, many people realize that they are utilizing only one or two, the most common of these being petitional prayer—praying to God for wants and desires. However, a conscious decision to reach out to the Lord in all forms of prayer can open up entirely new spiritual experiences and add depth to one’s relationship with Christ.

Dr. R. A. Torrey, a renowned man of faith who brought revival to many parts of the world, was utterly transformed when he learned to pray with gratitude through worship, rather than limiting his prayer to petitions. Worship may be a term most are familiar with, but not always in its true scriptural form. In his article Prayer: Worship and Adoration, J. Oswald Sanders explains:

Worship is the adoring contemplation of God as He has revealed Himself in Christ and in the Scriptures. It is the act of paying honor and reverence to God. When we pray “hallowed be Thy name,” we are worshipping Him.
A critical aspect of all prayer is making sure that God is the main focus. When Jesus taught us to pray, he instructed us to begin: “Our Father...” That is, to put God first.

…If God is not given the chief place in our praying, our prayers will be anemic. When our thoughts begin with Him, love is kindled and faith stimulated.
Sanders provides excellent advice for those participating in this special season of prayer and fasting. If you have yet to sign up for the 40 Day Prayer and Fasting Initiative, please consider doing so here!