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November 10, 2023

CU Lux Men Unite During October Recess

By Demilade Omolade, Class of 2026

October recess is a breath of relief for all Yale undergraduate students. Held halfway through the fall semester, it serves as a temporary solace from the constant demands of classes and an opportunity to enjoy a slower pace of life.

While some students traveled out of Yale, the men of Christian Union Lux who remained in New Haven enthusiastically anticipated the lock-in they would have at their ministry center, the James W.C. Pennington Center, lovingly referred to as "the Mouse." The instructions were simple: "Get to the Mouse at 4 pm sharp; we’ll be leaving for our mystery location at 4:10 pm."


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By the time most had arrived on the appointed day, the freshman men’s Assistant Bible Course Leader (ABCL), Jonathan Pierre, announced that the lock-in would begin by playing Capture the Flag. While Capture the Flag might be associated with childhood, it was integral to laying the groundwork of familiarity that would be important for later activities in the lock-in. Not all the guys who came for the lock-in had had meaningful interactions with each other prior. However, as we strategized together, coordinated forays into the other team’s camp, and laughed together during the game, the guys grew more comfortable around those we had not known before; this shared experience initiated comradery.

By the time our energy was spent and we became hungry, we made our way back to the Mouse, excited for what was to come.

When we got back, we enjoyed a nice meal together. Though appearing mundane, this meal provided an opportunity for the CU men to slow down and get to know each other more deeply. The men shared some of the highlights of their weeks and what God had been doing in each of their lives. Eventually, the night transitioned into a time of games. Some surrounded the TV playing video games, while others clumped on the couch playing the board game called “The Game of Life.” A few of the guys were in the kitchen, baking cookies and biscuits. The atmosphere was lively, and it was at this time that some of the guys began to realize just how much the love of Christ tied them all together despite their different backgrounds. This realization, and the unity in Christ that followed, eventually prompted a time of worship. And oh, how beautiful it was to behold passionate young men worshiping God from the depths of their hearts.

Kahlil Walker, the co-president of Christian Union Lux, who is in his senior year, later reflected that while CU had been a source of love, valuable mentorship, and support during his first three years in college, he was “one of the only men amongst a sea of women.” However, seeing how God brought an influx of freshman guys into CU Lux this year, Kahlil was shocked by just how much Christian brothers could accomplish together. This unity became evident as the guys moved into a time of vulnerability, where some of the guys shared their life concerns. It can be quite difficult for men to open up to each other about struggles, but it became clear as the night progressed that these CU Lux men could trust each other. It was in this atmosphere of trust that the men shared their burdens and encouraged each other in Christ.

Before I fell asleep that night, I remember thinking that never in my life have I been able to connect with such a diverse group of men through our love for Christ. I felt so accepted, valued, and safe. This community is something I would never trade. It is a blessing in my life. And it is the foundation needed for transformational leadership. I look forward to seeing how the men of CU Lux will shine light and truth into their spheres of influence now and in the future, in part because of the strong community to which we belong.

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