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January 26, 2024

Testimonies from the January 2024 CU National Fast 

By matt bennett, founder and president of christian union 

By God’s grace, thousands of lives have been powerfully impacted! Nearly 8,000 of us completed a 21-day fast to start the new year focused on the Prince of Peace for the nations, and we praise God for His grace and mercy towards us. 

Through history, the people of God have fasted, prayed, repented, and sought the Lord wholeheartedly when they desire the Lord’s healing and grace poured out in their own lives or in the lives of their community. Remember Ezra, who led his people in fasting and prayer for God’s protection from enemies amidst rising war and evil, declaring, “we fasted and implored our God for this, and he listened to our entreaty (Ezra 8:23).” 

When Christians devotedly seek the Lord through fasting, the Lord loves to pour out his blessing, his power, and his spirit. 

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Below are a few testimonies of lives that have been touched by God through January's 21-day fast: 

"This fast and prayer was a time of strengthening and drawing closer to the Lord. He has quickened in me the need to reach out into the darkness of our nation, to those who are lost and to God's people who have lost their way. It must be a priority in my busy life. I must stay focused on my mission and continue to seek Him as I go. I am trying to "pray without ceasing", and I feel I can relate more to that scripture these days." 

"I have been greatly strengthened."
 - Bert 

"This was an amazing time with the Lord." - Joseph 

"God showed me myself, and the areas that I do have to change, stop complaining and learn to trust God more in all my situations. God also gave me more compassion for those suffering in Israel and Hamas, and how much they need Jesus and to accept Jesus as their Messiah." - Valerie 

"With so much happening and so much that we hear, it seems the only thing we could do! Staying close to my Savior is satisfying!" - Kathy

"God is answering so many prayers for church members and for my family. I have made notes and copied scripture every morning from our devotionals, and I refer back to them throughout the day as I move from place to place. Praise the Lord for meeting with us on this higher plain. I am grateful!" 

Thank you, Lord, for these testimonies and for all the ways that You worked during this time of drawing near to You. Together, let us praise our Father and Prince of Peace, who listens to our entreaties and rewards those who diligently seek Him! 

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