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Christian Union has been in the national spotlight for several weeks now. From magazine and newspaper...
March 14, 2024

Former Student President Claims Victory in Texas Primary 

By Erin conner, writer and communications associate 

Leaders developed at Dartmouth shape the future of our country by determining what media gets disseminated, what laws get passed, and how major decisions get made. Dartmouth has produced influential figures, including author Dr. Seuss, beloved T.V. personality Fred Rogers, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and former central banker and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (ChristianUnion.org/Cornerstone/Vox). It seems another name of influence may soon be added to this list: Brandon Gill. 

Brandon Gill claimed victory in the GOP primary for the 26th district of Texas to replace U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess, who is retiring after 21 years in Congress, according to the Dallas News. Gill received 58.4% of the vote and will now face Democrat Ernest Lineberger III in the November election.

Gill's Congressional webpage states, "I attended Dartmouth College and graduated cum laude with degrees in both Economics and History. I was President of the conservative paper, The Dartmouth Review. I was also President of Christian Union and grew it to be one of the largest student groups on campus, despite being on a campus hostile to the Christian faith. In college, I fought the left nonstop - on their own turf - and I left Dartmouth even more conservative than when I arrived."

brandon gill

 photo credit: 2024 Fort Worth Star-Telegram 

Gill continues, "Upon graduation, I became an investment banker on Wall Street and then worked as an analyst at a global, multi-strategy hedge fund. For many people, I was living the American Dream. I was working in one of the largest, most successful hedge funds in the world, and rising fast in the industry. Yet, the call for service and duty to my country came... that’s why I left a successful career in finance." 

Gill's wife, Danielle D'Souza Gill, '17, is an alumna of Dartmouth as well. Gill writes that his wife is working hard to influence culture by stating, "She has written two books, one about Christianity, and the other is a pro-life book that debunks the Left's pro-abortion arguments...she has spoken at churches in Texas, at Turning Point USA conferences, and at rallies before the Supreme Court to confirm Amy Coney Barrett. She is a media personality who hosted her own show called Counterculture with Epoch Times, and has appeared on shows from Fox News to Newsmax to Dr Phil defending conservative values. She is an amazing mother who continues to fight for the littlest among us."

Gill's congressional webpage ends with this statement: "I am also a father to our beautiful daughter, Marigold. I’m running in this election, so she and all our children can live in a better America." 

Christian Union exists to help develop men and women who are prepared and inclined to champion Christ in their positions of leadership so that future generations can live in a spiritually vibrant America. Our country needs Christians who are ready and able to embody the gospel and pursue cultural change that reflects biblical values and who are willing to lead with humility. 

When Gill won the primary, he posted on the social media platform X, "Thank you, #TX26! Without you I wouldn't be here. All glory to Christ!" 

As a Christian leadership development ministry for students, Christian Union Universities is humbled and blessed to have the opportunity to play a role in the lives of men and women who, like Gill, want to give God all the glory in their spheres of influence through their gifting and their work.