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April 29, 2024

April's CU Fire Retreat Provides an Impactful Weekend for Participants

By Erin conner, writer and communications associate

Christian Union America equips and supports Christian Union Universities' alumni, as well as other Christian leaders across the country, with programs such as its alumni mentorship program, CU Fire Retreats, Bible studies, Daniel Spirituality coaching, and in-person conferences and forums. Christian Union's aim through these programs is to equip and strengthen Christian leaders to wholeheartedly seek God to transform their hearts and minds more unto the image of Christ and to transform their families, communities, and the nation as a result. 

The most recent CU Fire Retreat, held in April, equipped Christians across the country to better understand the fear of God and the fear of man, exploring how the former leads to wisdom and life, and the latter leads to more fear and deeper despair. 

CU Fire Retreats are 1.5-day nationwide simulcast retreats that create a context of worship, fasting, prayer, and Scripture reading, along with powerful guest speakers, to empower participants to experience spiritual rejuvenation and encouragement with their friends, family, and/or Christian community from the comfort of their own home or church.

Testimonies of lives that have been touched by God through April's weekend CU Fire Retreat are rolling in:

"The CU Fire retreat helped my faith to increase in that my need to fear God is so much stronger and so much more powerful than the fear of man." 

"I have been strengthened in my faith for sure. I am always grateful for CU Fire. My favorite parts were the sermons. Worship was also very powerful and I appreciate the songs corresponding to the theme. Thank you!" 

"The combination of every component made this retreat very impactful! It was great to know the difference between fear of God and fear of man. Also praying and worshiping!"

"I was able to address some areas in my life that I needed to think were healed but now know that there is some healing that needs to take place and will take the proper steps to get counsel and prayer."

"Loved the last presentation  about fear of the LORD."

"I greatly enjoyed the speakers, the fellowship and the overall theme. "

"It certainly happened for us and was really reinforced by the fellowship and discussion of the 'Fear of the LORD' theme."

"It was amazing. We prayed together and over each other and had worship together. Reading the Word and discussing God’s character was impactful."

"This being my first retreat, it was a powerful experience. I learned new things about God through discussions. I feel encouraged to continue my journey with God and have created fellowship. I won’t forget this experience." 

"The most memorable were the moments hearing my participants say this is the first time they’ve read the Bible for a long period of time! Also, that they have enjoyed this time so much they don’t want it to end, which led to great conversation about how they can cultivate this moving forward." 

"I especially enjoyed the dedicated reading in Jeremiah and Lamentations. And how the LORD works and his faithfulness to his word. It was so interesting to see those events and how they are mirroring today’s as well in so many aspects. God’s word is truth and has been proven over and over consistently. I will never doubt it!" 

"Our group leader was phenomenal, and the openness we all shared along with the powerful prayers were very impactful on all of us."

Christian Union Caritas at Stanford University

The next CU Fire Retreat's theme is "America Returning to God," and will be held the weekend of October 4-5, 2024 with Dimas Salaberrios as one guest speaker. Salaberrios, in addition to being a NY pastor is the author of Street God: The Explosive True Story of a Former Drug Boss, and his film “Chicago: America’s Hidden War” was recently nominated for an Oscar for “Best Documentary Feature.”

Salaberrios is a faith leader, film producer, prayer warrior, and author.  He is the founder and former pastor of Infinity Bible Church in New York City, and the President Emeritus of Concerts of Prayer Greater New York. Salaberrios has been on the frontlines of the earthquakes in Haiti, and Hurricane Harvey in Houston. After the shootings in Saint Paul, Dallas, Charleston, and Paris, Dimas organized believers to infiltrate the protests and pray with hurting people.  He has also organized prayer during the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis and New York City. His directorial debut is titled “Chicago: America’s Hidden War” (https://www.chicagoshiddenwar.com), and he co-produced the documentary film “Emanuel.”   Dimas is married to Tiffany and has three daughters. Learn more about Dimas by visiting http://thedynamiclifeministry.com/pastor-dimas/

Learn more about CU Fire Retreats and how you can become involved in October's retreat here