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May 23, 2024

Dartmouth Students Experience God's Power at Recent CU Classic

by erin conner, writer and communications associate

Each spring, Christian Union plans CU Classic events across all the schools where they minister; CU Classics are large, campus-wide events that serve as part of a comprehensive evangelistic effort to reach as many students as possible with the truth, love, and transformative power of God. Christian Union Vox at Dartmouth recently held their spring CU Classic event, hosting David Taylor at the Hanover Inn, a historic New England hotel on Dartmouth's campus.

hanover inn

David Taylor, a prophetic minister and frequent guest speaker for Christian Union, often teaches on the topic of hearing God's voice, discussing with students if God still speaks today. Because of potential abusive applications of the Biblical truth that God is, indeed, a God who speaks, many Christians shy away from exploring this topic. Consequently, Christian Union provides guidance to students on how to weigh prophetic messages with considerations of the integrity of the message in light of Scripture, the character, motives, and historical accuracy of the prophetic minister, as well as the importance of valuing their own conscience to determine the validity of hearing and receiving messages from God.

Taylor kicked off Christian Union Vox's spring outreach event this past Thursday night in a quaint conference room at the Hanover Inn at Dartmouth. Tim Pillsbury, CU Vox's ministry director, said, "Our students have been praying and fasting leading up to this event, plastered posters all over campus inviting students to attend, and filled a conference room at the Hanover Inn with about 35 attendees interested in learning more about God."

Following a didactic introduction to the Biblical topic of prophecy, Taylor ministered to the students in attendance. He spoke directly to ten to twelve students in the group. These students were extremely touched that the Lord of the Universe sees them, intimately knows them, has specific plans for them, and wants to speak encouragement to them.

gospel move 1

David Taylor with Dartmouth students following the spring 2024 CU Classic 

Taylor followed up his teaching with personal ministry to 14 students who signed up for individual sessions to speak with him the next day, and then led a leadership lecture that evening at CU Vox's ministry space. Pillsbury reflected on the event, saying, "It really felt life-changing. This past Saturday, the students gathered for prayer.  Five of them prayed from 9pm to 2am, seeking God, His voice, and His direction for their lives. Praise the Lord for his goodness and for the impartation of gifts." 

Christian Union believes God's spiritual gifts are alive today. Despite the abuses and counterfeit versions, the pure and real power of God is available and evident to those who seek Him. As the apostle Paul wrote to the church in Thessalonica, the gospel goes forth "not simply with words but also with power, with the Holy Spirit, and with deep conviction" (1 Thessalonians 1:5).  

By God's grace, may our nation's students continue to have the conviction to seek Him wholeheartedly for all that they need, including the ability to hear His voice and to follow His direction, as Jesus declares, "My sheep listen to my voice. I know them, and they follow me" (John 10:27).

And may these students' faith grow, love abound, and hope be made secure, for when followers of Christ proclaim the goodness of God, demonstrate it, and live according to it in their spheres of influence–what a beautiful reformation of lives and culture we will see.  

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