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December 15, 2023

Christian Union America 2023

By chuck hetzler, phd, vice president of biblical theology

"And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!'” –Luke 2:13-14

Can you imagine the shock and amazement the shepherds must have felt when, out of nowhere, a throng of mighty angels appeared, filling the night’s sky with God’s praise? What a glorious spectacle that must have been when Jesus’ coming was announced! 

Think about His second coming! Heaven will once again break into earth. Without warning, the Lord Jesus will visit humanity once again, but this time in the fullness of His majestic splendor! 

On this Christmas at CU America, we pray that you and yours will be those who have "loved His appearing” and are “hastening the coming of the day of God” in lives of holiness and godliness (2 Timothy 4:8; 2 Peter 3:11-12). 

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When Christian Union began 21 years ago, its first strategic program started at Princeton University and quickly spread to other academically intense, influential undergraduate and graduate schools. Even though CU Universities paved the way for this organization, the overall mission of the ministry has always been to influence the culture of our entire nation. 

Christian Union America began its ministry over a year ago in 2022 (before this, the ministry was named "Day and Night") to serve Christians across our nation by providing Fire Retreats, National Fasts, a Cities ministry, an alumni ministry, and other resources. This ministry desires to help Americans wholeheartedly seek God as well as to connect like-minded Christians, so that every facet of society in America may reflect the goodness of the Lord and the beauty of following His ways. 

Between Jesus’ first and second advents, followers of Christ have the privilege and responsibility of helping to expand and deepen God’s kingdom on the earth. We invite you to consider joining other Christians like yourself to help CU America promote revival and reformation in families, churches, communities, and cities across the nation for God's glory.  

God's glory was revealed that silent night so many centuries ago when Christ Jesus was born on earth. May it continue, by God's power and grace, to be revealed through us until His return. 

Lord, this Christmas we come before You with adoration and awe in our hearts for all that You have done in our lives and in humanity's history. Thank you for leaving Your throne in the heavenly realm to enter this earthly realm as an infant in such a meek and humble way, for humanity had "no room" prepared for your coming then. Lord, we surrender to You all that we are. Make room in our hearts, families, and nation for when you come again. Unite the Body of Christ in 2024 to contend for our nation’s rescue and to develop a network of strong Christian leaders for the fulfillment of your plan in individual lives and in our God-given destiny as a nation. In Jesus' mighty name, we pray. Amen. 

If you are interested in joining CU America in 2024, feel free to learn more here or email GraceAnn.Arvey@ChristianUnion.org. If you are interested in partnering with CU America by giving an end-of-year gift of $40 or more, please use our secure link here