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Benefits of Membership

Thank you for joining a movement that is developing leaders to transform our nation. Christian Union is encouraging a widespread proclamation of the Gospel and pursuing an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This effort will change influential universities and cities, and as a result, our nation.

Here are the benefits associated with your partnership:


CU Cornerstone Partners are listed in Christian Union’s annual report if giving is at the Bronze level or above. Those who choose to be Partners at an individual university are also honored with their names posted prominently in CU’s university ministry centers.

Special invitations

Christian Union honors CU Cornerstone Partners with invitations to select special events free of charge. Those who are Partners at an individual university also receive invitations to special CU events at that institution.


Christian Union recognizes that those who are partners in the ministry appreciate special updates on what is happening in the ministries. Christian Union provides Partners with regular updates on the work, including communications from founder and president Matt Bennett, and from the Ministry Directors and students. CU associates also pray for partners and their families every month.

New York Cornerstone Partners

All Cornerstones Partners in the New York City metro area, regardless of which university ministry they are partners with, are included in special events for our partners in this region. 

Rights & Responsibilities

Christian Union Cornerstone Partners...

  • Commit to supporting Christian Union’s mission to develop and connect transformative Christian leaders
  • Become part of the community of Christian Union Cornerstone Partners dedicated to modeling those commitments in our lives, and in our communications and interactions
  • Are faithful and winsome ambassadors of Christ towards all of the places where Christian Union ministers 
  • Promote Christian Union and its best interests wherever possible
  • Pray regularly for Christian Union and its service for Jesus Christ and for the truth of His Word
  • Embrace the standards of civil discourse and respectful and thoughtful engagement in all communications about Christian Union and at CU venues

Cornerstone Partners begin their partnership at the time of their charitable contribution. Those who choose to end their participation as a Cornerstone Partner normally will not receive a refund of any contributions already received and receipted.


Christian Union is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax-deductible as to the extent allowed by applicable law.

ecfa memberThe ministry is a member of the Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability (ECFA) and has its finances audited annually. Charges to credit cards appear as “Christian Union 6098740040.”

If you have questions, please contact a partner representative at (609) 874-0040, or email us at giving@ChristianUnion.org.

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