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Christian Union

The Christian Union Conference on Faith and Action

Attendees experienced an amazing weekend of worship, prayer, speakers, small groups, fellowship, seminars and more, February 22-24, 2019. The conference hosted students from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale.

What does it mean to be “Courageous in the ways of the Lord”? How does this look in your studies? Your friendships? Your future?

The Nexus conference discussed courage in all of these areas, focusing on vocation. Students were encouraged to reflect on how they could lead in all their spheres of influence, as they serve others like Christ. Students were inspired by industry professionals who shared their experiences from a variety of fields.

Participants built relationships with like-minded peers, and collaboratively developed insights into how God can use them to be a part of His transforming work on their campuses, in their relationships, and in their future professions.

Throughout the weekend, students were inspired and equipped in how to be courageous in the ways of the Lord. Watch highlights from the weekend below.

Plenary Sessions

Nexus 2019 offered vibrant worship and prayer, and the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable speakers in the four plenary sessions that anchored the conference.

Matt Bennett challenged the audience toward evangelism and wisdom shared from the Scriptures. Dr. Jimmy Lin encouraged students to be bold as each operates as a Christian in any given vocation. Eric Metaxas inspired the audience to speak up for truth seen in God’s Word. Baroness Cox urged them to remember the global Church, to stand for justice, and hold fast to the faith so many are suffering and dying for around the world. 

Click here to watch the plenary speakers from Nexus 2019.

Nexus2019 7


At Nexus, breakouts offered students a time to deepen their insights with the guidance of Christian leaders who discussed a range of topics and issues in light of God’s Word. Students could ask questions and dig deeper in these interactive sessions. They engaged in topics such as leadership, evangelism, revival, and the supernatural with subject-matter experts and leading Christian thinkers. 

Nexus2019 2

Vocational Panels

Experienced professionals offered insight into in industries including: The Academy, Applied Sciences, Business Ventures, Law & Government, Non-Profit Engagement, and Communications & Media.

Nexus2019 3


As we draw near to God, He promises to draw near to us. Prayer is the means by which we receive from God and are empowered to intercede on behalf of others. At Nexus, students participated in life-changing and powerful times of prayer, not only in plenary sessions, but also in the 24-hour prayer room. Participants prayed with fellow students from different campuses as they sought His face and His will.

Nexus2019 4

Fellowship and Networking

Being courageous in the ways of the Lord does not mean working alone, but instead by building groups, networks, and bodies of believers gathering together for fellowship, breaking bread and prayer. As a network, Christians can amplify the power for cultural change.  At Nexus there were opportunities to meet and spend time with fellow believers from across nine campuses and go deep in prayer and relationships. Through small groups students were able to forge new friendships that will last beyond the conference and (with God’s help) in years to come.

Nexus2019 5


God’s Word is living and active. Attendees were inspired by student teams, who memorized and performed spoken word pieces taken directly from Scripture. A time of joy and celebration, SpokenWord is one of the unique highlights of the Nexus Conference.

Click here to watch the SpokenWord performances from Nexus 2019. 


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Due to COVID-19, no decision has been made about the date of the next Nexus Conference.