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Hello from Dartmouth,

We are happy to report a wonderful end to our winter term. A major highlight for our students (and staff) was a giant CU-wide game of Assassin, graciously renamed “Angel’s Arrows” by our fabulous socials team. The neat thing about the game is that it forced people to seek out those they have not met before or gotten to know yet, so new connections were made every day!

Praise the Lord with us for a few student decisions to follow Christ for the first time as well as students committing to follow Christ more seriously and closely. All of us on staff agree that we are encouraged to see so many students growing deeper in their love for the Lord and commitment to struggling well in their faith, so praise the Lord with us and please pray for more to have their eyes opened to the beauty of Christ and His grace.

We are looking forward to all that the Lord will do over this upcoming spring term and sharing this with you soon.

Thank you for your prayers,


Julia Carlisle
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Dartmouth

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