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Christian Union

Dear Prayer Partners,

We are three-quarters of the way through April and it is still cold and overcast here in the Upper Valley. We are all longing for spring with eager anticipation, to say the least! We have much to be thankful for, even amidst a very long winter, which has kept our spirits high.

As far as prayer requests go, we would love your prayers for our seniors (‘18s), as there are still many who are looking for jobs or waiting to hear back from grad schools. Pray for patience and trust in the Lord. We will have our annual senior retreat June 4th-6th, so you can be praying for a good turn-out and that the time would be used well for fellowship, reflection, prayer and encouragement.

Please be praying for our new leadership team that they might love one another well and be unified in purpose and heart. Pray that they would lead with humility, gentleness and a pure desire to see the flourishing of this community.

Lastly, we would appreciate prayer for us as staff, that we would be strengthened to finish the school year well with our students. Pray that our source of strength would come from rich times in scripture and in prayer, and that we would bear much fruit on Dartmouth’s campus.



Julia Carlisle
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Dartmouth

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