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Hello from Dartmouth,

There’s not too much to report from here. We as staff have been taking turns going on vacation, which has been good for the soul. We are excited to be back together to start brainstorming and dreaming about this next year.

Here are some things we would like prayer for:

New office space.
We have been looking for new office space for this next year and believe the Lord has provided just the right place that is in our budget, is still central for the students and large enough for us to have 3 or 4 Bible courses going on at once! Please pray that the application process will go smoothly and that we will be able to get in and set up by the time the fall term starts. Pray that the Lord blesses this place and that it will be an environment in which the students feel welcome and where they can encounter the Lord in good community.

Freshmen gathering.
Please pray for our upperclassmen who have volunteered to reach out to the incoming freshmen (‘22s) over the summer, that they would be prayerful and motivated to love these future classmates. Pray for the Lord to fill our Bible courses with a diverse group of students eager to learn about Jesus, know His Word, and develop strong friendships with other Christians.

Our student leadership team.
Pray for our leaders that the Lord would prepare them to lead with humility, grace, wisdom and prayer.

Thank you for your support,


Julia Carlisle
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Dartmouth

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