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Hello from Dartmouth,

Thank you for your prayers for our Freshmen Welcoming Campaign. The Lord has answered them in so many ways! It’s been a wonderfully full few weeks.

Our upperclassmen gatherers have done a great job inviting the freshmen (‘22s) into our community. Please pray that they would maintain this momentum and not give up reaching out and personally bringing the ‘22s to our events and Bible Courses. Praise God that we have a strong group of ‘22s men, which is exciting. The women seem a little more hesitant to commit to Bible Courses for various reasons, so pray that they would prioritize getting involved, and that the upperclassmen would go out of their way to encourage them toward that end.

Please pray for our ‘22s Bible Courses, that they would be established easily and that they would be filled with students eager to grow in their faith and in relationships with one another. Despite how well Freshmen Campaign has gone, there has been a surprisingly low turnout of the ‘22s at our weekly events, especially our Friday night Leadership Lecture Series (The Vine). We’d appreciate prayer for that to change! 

Thank you,

Julia Carlisle
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Dartmouth


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