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Christian Union
Dear Prayer Partners,

Happy fall from Dartmouth! Last night our student executive team put on a dinner for all our ministry and Bible course leaders to care for them, as well as to give them opportunity to voice how they would like to see CU grow at Dartmouth and to pray for their specific areas of leadership. Will you join us in praying for their following requests?

  • For people to feel comfortable being genuine in our community.
  • Prayer for ‘21s (sophomore) guys’ Bible Courses: For greater presence at larger CU events and courage in the community to reach out to the other ‘21s guys.
  • That the community would reach out to upperclassmen that may not be as involved.
  • For our new Outreach Team: For group members doing outreach in their own lives. That God would give us success and encouragement to get “the ball rolling” with outreach and that He’d allow us to get our CU friends hyped about outreach at Dartmouth!
  • Prayer for women’s Bible Course: For more support and accountability for the women and amongst the women in the Bible Course.
  • Pray that more ‘22’s (freshmen) join ministry teams.
  • Pray that God would work in the women of CU, that we would see growth and boldness in them.
  • Pray that CU would have a larger presence in certain areas on campus that are in need. 

Thank you,

Julia Carlisle
Ministry Fellow
Christian Union at Dartmouth


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