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Greetings from Dartmouth!

January has kicked off to be a great month so far. We have launched our winter term Bible Courses and are underway with all of our scheduled winter events. We just got back from our annual winter conference, which tends to be the highlighted Christian Union event of the year for most students. It’s a great time to retreat away from campus to enjoy time with one another, worshipping the Lord with open bibles and open hearts. We had several great times of prayer and discussion on the conference’s theme of Friendship. The students thought about what genuine forgiveness looks like in friendships as well as how to think about the significance of Jesus calling us his friends and how we extend that love to others. The students were both challenged and encouraged by this weekend. It was moving to see several students pursue reconciliation with friends they have turned aside and hear of healing in relationships because of this weekend away. Please join us in prayer as the students return back to their normal routines. It is my prayer that the effects of this conference continue to be vibrant all term long.

In Bible Courses, we are diving head first into the book of Acts with the upperclassmen, while the Freshman dig into our topical study the Seeking God Lifestyle. Our Seniors are doing our Vocational Prep Bible Course which asks them to think about work. What is work? Is work good? How do I work unto the Lord even though I am going into consulting or finance? It is one of my favorite Bible Courses to teach as it puts into application all the students have learned going through our Bible Courses to approach working in the real world with wisdom and faithfulness. Please pray that our Bible Courses are a great source of growth and fellowship for our students this term. They really can have such a strong impact in our students’ lives!

I’m excited to update you in next month’s prayer letter, as we should have both candidates selected to fill our opening Ministry Fellow positions by then. Your prayers have been an encouragement in this time. Thank you for your love and support. It is vital to our effectiveness and fruitfulness here at Dartmouth.

In Christ,

Zachary Albanese
Ministry Director
Christian Union at Dartmouth


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