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Christian Union
Dear CU Vox Cornerstone Partners and friends of the ministry,

All is quiet on campus with the students back home nestled in their beds with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. The term ended prior to Thanksgiving and the students are currently enjoying their much-earned rest. While I miss the energy and fellowship, December is a great time to reflect on the term gone by and to prepare for the term to come. It was a delight to be back together with everyone and to enjoy a time of study, fellowship, prayer, and worship. I’m eager to see the fruit God will produce and excited for the evangelistic efforts planned for the Winter Term. Please pray for Christian Union Vox in these specific ways:

Pray that the students are truly resting. Resting their bodies from a long term as well as resting in their position as sons and daughters of the King. Pray that their rest will prepare them for the Winter Term that is to come.

Pray for the new friendships that formed during the Fall Term. We were blessed with a spirit of unity and my hope is that will continue into the New Year. Pray that God would be drawing us closer to each other as we draw closer to Him.

Pray that the seeds of the gospel that were sown in the Fall Term would begin to take root and grow. Pray that God would be stirring the hearts of unbelieving students and to put those very students into contact with us.

Thank you for your prayers, emails of encouragement, and your heart in seeing Dartmouth students know and love the Lord. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
“Wondrous gift of heaven: the Father sends the Son, planned from time eternal, moved by holy love, He will carry our curse and death He'll reverse, so we can be daughters and sons.” - Who Would Have Dreamed - Sovereign Grace Music
Noah Crane
Interim Ministry Director
Christian Union Vox


Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Dartmouth, please email prayer@christianunion.org.

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