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As always, thank you for your commitment to pray for the Christian Union ministry at HLS and our student group, Coram Deo Law. The Lord has provided according to his abundant wisdom and grace. And we rejoice with you that his work continues to bear fruit on the HLS campus and in the lives of our alumni.

We have finished the fall semester and most of our students have returned home for the winter break. I am happy to report that they met their final exams in the strength and joy of the Lord. My wife and I were able to encourage them in the process with prayer, homemade goodies, and a special lessons and carols gathering at our place. It is our pleasure to care for these students as we see them coming together to delight in and support one another. But above all, we rejoice to see that Christ is forming each of them more into his image as they follow him by keeping in step with the Spirit. And we look forward to praying and planning this winter break to see Christ bear even more fruit in our students and in calling others to faith in him this coming spring.

During this break between semesters, here are some ways you can pray:

  1. Evangelism: Pray that the Lord will bless our preparations for an emphasis on evangelism this spring. As the membership of Coram Deo Law increases, we desire to see a corresponding increase in our efforts to bring the gospel to the rest of the HLS community. This school and campus present unique challenges and we want to adorn the gospel of grace with the love and peace it produces even as we might be called to stand firm against various forms of persecution that the gospel also brings with it.
  2. Student Leadership: Pray that some of our current students will have the vision and time to step into leadership positions with Coram Deo Law. By mid-spring, we hope to have in place the leaders who will take this group forward starting next fall.
  3. Official Recognition: Pray that these new leaders will have favor with the law school as they apply for official recognition as a student organization on campus. It is not necessary to gospel ministry here, but having official recognition provides access to resources (communication, events, etc.) that we would use to extend Coram Deo Law’s presence and influence for the sake of the gospel.

At the end of 2017, I leave you with a final encouraging testimony from one of our recent graduates:

“Coram Deo Law served as a vital source of fellowship, mentorship, and spiritual growth during my time at HLS. I remain grateful and indebted to the CDL community and the Christian Union faculty.”
— Trenton Van Oss (HLS J.D. 2017)

Your partner in the gospel at HLS,

Michael Wilkinson
Christian Union Ministry Director
Coram Deo Law

Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Harvard Law School, please email prayer@christianunion.org.