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Christian Union

We are grateful for your support and want to give you an update through February of this spring semester to inform your continued prayers.

First, our Bible Group communities have been meeting for a month now with encouraging growth. The women continue to grow in their care for one another according to the Scriptures. And the men have established solid friendships that allow them to support one another in love. These are important developments because the HLS culture tends to stratify students in their relationships, interests, and achievements. And all of the students in Coram Deo Law (CDL) have been growing in their knowledge and love of the Lord as we study his “I am” sayings in the Gospel of John.

Second, a few students have indicated their interest in leadership within CDL. We expect that the most immediate result will be the rise of specific prayer groups led by these students. And we hope that they will also step into officer positions to prepare the ministry to be even more fruitful next year.

Third, we will host our first FAITH Talk this semester. The inaugural talk for this series will likely focus on a clear biblical theology and practice of prayer: What exactly is prayer, how do we pray, and why? The goal is to lead students deeper into life-transforming discipleship to Christ through prayer, one of the central means of God’s grace through which the Holy Spirit works so mightily.

As you can see, we believe that we honor our Lord by coming to him frequently and regularly in prayer with all of our praise, thanksgiving, requests, and intercessions. And so it is with great hope and joy that we ask for your prayers for our students and God’s ministry here.

Bible Group Communities: Pray that our students will increase even more in their eagerness to seek the Lord in the Scriptures. Our study of how Jesus identifies himself when he says, “I am . . .” in John’s Gospel gives us a special opportunity to focus on knowing him, not just about him. And we want the students to know our Lord more intimately so that they will love him more passionately, follow him more completely, and serve him and others more joyfully.

Prayer Groups: Pray that a few students will create some groups and gather other students to come together weekly for prayer. We believe the Lord will honor these efforts and send his Spirit to accomplish still greater works in and through the students of Coram Deo Law.

Your partner in the gospel at HLS,

Michael Wilkinson
Christian Union Ministry Director
Coram Deo Law

Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Harvard Law School, please email prayer@christianunion.org.