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Hello, prayer partners.

Thank you for your faithfulness and continued support. We are grateful for you all and want to give you an April update to inform your prayers.

First, we wrapped up our weekly Bible Courses with great thanksgiving and renewed conviction to follow Christ. Throughout the semester, we studied each time Jesus says, I am . . . “ in John’s Gospel. As we concluded, our students shared how thankful they are to read the Bible on its own terms to see more clearly who Jesus is as the bread of life, the light of the world, the door of the sheep-gate, the good shepherd, the resurrection and the life, the way, the truth, and the life, and the true vine. Coming to know Jesus more fully has called our students into a deeper love for our Lord and a firmer resolve to seek him daily and honor him in all that they do.

Second, classes have ended and finals are coming. The Lord has been faithful to sustain our students and lead them into academic excellence for his glory and we trust that he will be with them as they prepare for and take exams and finish papers. For many, this time between classes and finals can be difficult, simply because the final exam is usually the only exam and determines the final grade for each course. That reality brings the temptations of anxiety and self-reliance. Yet we praise God that our students have learned ways to both work hard and trust the Lord. In particular, they have formed cohorts for finals to seek the Lord together even as they study together.

Third, a number of our students are graduating in May and entering the labors the Lord has prepared for them. Some will go into practice at powerful law firms; others will go into public positions of policy-making; still others will invest in the efforts of influential non-profit organizations. But all of them will be serving the Lord by loving others and extending the common grace of God. Moreover, it has been very encouraging to see many of our students devoting their considerable gifts and talents to help shape the substance and function of the law towards righteousness and the common good.

Please join us in thanking our great God for his work among our students. Here are a few more specific ways you can support us in prayer.

Summer Opportunities
Pray that our students will begin seeking the Lord to make the most of this coming summer. All of them have jobs they will start immediately after finals. But they will have many other opportunities during the summer months, and distractions will abound. Pray that our students will enter these months with a Christ-centered resolve to pursue every opportunity for gospel labors.

Staying Close to Christ
Please begin praying that our students will stay close to Christ this summer. It is good to have a Christ-centered plan for gospel labors. But without a Christ-centered heart and mind, those labors will be forfeited. Pray that our students will take advantage of the ordinary means of God’s grace (reading Scripture, prayer, local church life) to stay close to Christ and in step with his Spirit.

Your partner in the gospel at HLS,

Michael Wilkinson
Christian Union Ministry Director
Coram Deo Law

Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Harvard Law School, please email prayer@christianunion.org.