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Hello, prayer partners.

Thank you for your faithfulness and continued support. We are grateful for you all and want to give you a May update to inform your prayers.

First, a few of our students are graduating and beginning their careers. By the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they have learned and experienced much at HLS that has helped to train them to serve others well and take the lead in shaping the law toward righteousness and the common good. Most importantly, the Lord has used these past three years to conform them more into his image so that they glorify him in their personal lives and professional labors. Although we will miss our close connection on campus, we will follow them throughout their careers and support them in prayer and every other way available to us.

Second, many of our students will take well-deserved vacations before entering their summer work. These brief breaks help to bring refreshment to those who have become weary under the unique strain of HLS. But they also bring the potential and even temptation for unwise decisions so we are grateful for the Lord’s sovereignty in these times and trust him to keep them in his ways.

Third, with all our students off campus for the summer, the nature and rhythm of ministry changes. Rather than daily discipleship, weekly Bible Courses, and monthly events, we turn to the important work of reflection, evaluation, and planning. Our goal is to learn from the past academic year so that, in Spirit-wrought humility, wisdom, and encouragement, we will prepare and plan well for this next year to be even more fruitful.

Please join us in thanking our great God for continuing to work in and through our students. Following are a few specific ways you can pray.

Graduates Transitioning
Pray that our graduates will stay close to Christ. It is good to have a Christ-centered view of life and labors, but without a Christ-centered heart and mind, that view will not bear much fruit. So please pray that these dear brothers and sisters will take advantage of the ordinary means of God’s grace (reading Scripture, prayer, local church life) to stay close to Christ and in step with his Spirit each day as they begin this next chapter in God’s providence for them.

Protection and Refreshment
Pray that the Lord will protect our students during summer breaks and in their summer labors. Christ alone brings true and lasting refreshment to his people so please pray that our students will abide daily in Christ through Scripture, prayer, and Christian community.

Faith and Wisdom
Pray that the Lord will grant us much wisdom as we begin the process of preparing and planning for next year. And pray that he will enlarge our faith to honor him by asking great things from him for our students.

Your partner in the gospel at HLS,

Michael Wilkinson
Christian Union Ministry Director
Coram Deo Law

Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Harvard Law School, please email prayer@christianunion.org.